3 Things To Notice Next Time You Walk Into An Apartment Building

​In a cramped city like NYC, most people live in an apartment building of some sort. But have you ever taken a step back, and thought about what your apartment building says about you?

From the moment you walk into a building, you can tell if a place is expensive or cheap, newly remodeled or decades-old. As an interior designer who specializes in entrances and lobbies for such buildings, these are the kinds of details I am constantly aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can make or break your apartment building!

1: Color
It’s been scientifically shown that there are significant correlations between different colors and our moods or feelings. Color is subtle when done right, but glaringly obvious when done wrong. When you look at the three images below, how do they make you feel? Sad? Stressed? Calm? Energetic? Anxious?
    Aqua Brick House:   apartment building entrance design EXTERIOR - Căutare Google:
2: Material
It’s important to remember than every aspect of design is done deliberately. Whether it be metal or concrete, glass or wood, these elements don’t just materialize out of thin air. Someone consciously picked them out for the purposes of that specific building. Texture, opacity, pattern, and finish add nuance and depth to a simple design. In the three images below, how do materials complement each other? How do different textures and patterns help you differentiate between the modern and the classic?
3: Space
In a setting where square footage is very limited, the way that front entrances use their given space has a powerful effect on how a building is perceived. Some buildings feel vast and luxurious even with a small amount of space, while others can feel cramped or busy if too much is forced into a space. Reflecting on the three images below, how is space used economically or in an innovative way? If you were entering the building, would you feel cramped or free to wander?

The next time you walk into your apartment building, stop and look at all these different aspects in your apartment building. Take a second, and think about how this reflects on you. Would you be proud to entertain in your building, or welcome new friends to come to your place? What does your apartment building say about you?

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