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The Plaza 360 Central Avenue

Location: Lawrence, NYPlaza-Lobby--2

This is a 1960’s cooperative apartment building mostly populated by seniors. The fountain and marble in the lobby already existed, but needed editing and cleaning. We stayed loyal to the original interior designer’s lobby design and only enhanced the original theme. All the new furniture was upholstered with moisture resistant fabrics in the event of an accident. We added crown, base and a chair rail moldings. The fountain was updated with a new central ornament and the walls have a hand painted mural in faux frames. This mural is the focal point that the owners enjoyed the most. The lobby became their building courtyard.


9480 Ridge Boulevard

Location: Brooklyn, NY

 Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.28.32 PM

This is a 1960’s rental apartment building in Bay
Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. The floors are black terrazzo andthe planters are rough hewn stone bricks. The planters and floor could not be replaced due to budget, instead we cleaned and polished them.

We replanted the planters and added a new vinyl 24” wide stripped wall covering to create a dramatic retro black and whitecolor scheme.


Hostelling International

Location: New York, NY



Convert the decayed Edwardian lobby of a land marked New York City building into a 21st century utility that nonetheless reflects the existing architecture. It had to be a durable space capable of handling huge bus loads of international visitors, students and young tourists.


With 24-hour use, and up to 300 young people passing through on any day, the lobby had to be built to take a lot of abuse while requiring low maintenance. Working on a limited budget, we had to create an inviting contemporary environment, while respecting the building’s landmark status.


Energy-efficient light fixtures recall the building’s original historic character. The easy maintenance, slip-resistant floor is constructed out of highly durable tiles of porcelain ceramic and marble. Classic, low-cost wood molding around the original beams further accentuates the historic nature of the project. The custom-designed check-in desk, incorporating the hostel’s computer system, promises both efficiency and cosmopolitanism and offers a welcoming vista for young visitors from around the world.

The Fountainhead Cooperative

Location: Scarsdale, NY


The architecture and natural light of this building was very dominant and we carefully selected finishes and colors that worked with the dominant architectural materials and design. We choose to keep all the lighting and opted to change the fixtures with energy efficient surfaced mounted black track heads to help create more interest. The floor in the dropped seating area was covered with inexpensive and durable slate tiles. We also created a new doorman’s desk echoing the natural wood finishes, already found in the lobby, and incorporated new modern functions in the desk. New custom benches are also made for the common areas.


230 West 39th Street

Location: New York, NY



Bring the vintage ca.1935 lobby of a 16-story New York City garment center office building lobby and facade up-to-date.



A narrow lobby had to accommodate heavy foot traffic, plus garment racks entering and leaving the building on a continual basis. The lobby’s new look had to disguise the limited space involved, present a fresh new image from the Depression era interior and use durable, easy-maintenance materials. The façade needed a face-lift on a tight budget.



The all-steel and marble lobby radiates the energy of midtown Manhattan.Custom-designed silver leaf-and-Lucite overhead chandeliers throw off bright, pleasing light, adding to the illusion of spaciousness. The façade is faced with mirrored blue glass, a motif carried forward in the blue granite lobby. The net effect: the high-fashion essence of New York’s garment industry.

Best Western Hotel

Exceptional Commercial Interior Design

Location: New York City, NY


Create a completely new lobby in the gutted interior of a Beaux-Arts building.

Convey the sophistication and glamour of the world’s greatest city.

The small room had served a variety of functions since it was last used as a hotel lobby. It had to become a fully functioning reception area that gave the illusion of grand space.


The designcaptures best of contemporary New York, with echoes of the city’sfabulous past. Dramatic two-story-high violet columns spring up from the stylish black-and-white-tiled floor. The black and- white motif continues in the stunning, Art Modern-influenced concierge desk. Oversized jardinières with flamboyant custom-designed floral arrangements accentuate the lobby’s scope. The room combines chic with the excitement of a hit Broadway show

Comfort Inn

Location: New York City, NY



The lobby needed to look like a refurbishing, while actually undergoing a floor-to-ceiling redesign, all while the hotel was fully occupied.

A 1928 Beaux-Arts hotel lobby needed to be taken back to its original ornate elegance, while becoming functionally up-to-date.


Walking into the lobby of the Comfort Inn is like taking a step backward in time. The marble floor design is detailed with four exotic marbles. The original plaster moldings and details are preserved and painted with a gold metallic paint. Vintage framed artwork and reproduction antiques give the illusion of having always been part of the lobby. Cast-brass wall sconces and historic-revival crystal chandeliers evoke the elegance and grandeur of the era between the wars. Meanwhile, the room achieves the utility of a modern hotel lobby, its high-tech telephone and computer systems masked by the period décor of the custom-designed front desk.

Corporate Penthouse

Stunning Interior Home Designs

Location: Chicago, IL

Create a luxurious Chicago penthouse living space for a CEO and his corporate colleagues.


The apartment had to project the cutting

edge of sophisticated contemporary

style, but remain conservative enough in its outlook to reflect the corporation’s identity. It needed to incorporate a vibrant view of the Chicago skyline, while still providing an oasis of calm for weary businesspeople and executives for long weekends. The residents, most of them transients, would include adults and children, so the space needed to be easy to maintain. Within the context of a two bedroom apartment, there needed to be sleeping space for up to 10 people.

The living room has 2 sofas that open up to sleepers, the guest bedroom has two twin beds,the master bedroom has a king size bed and sleeper sofa. The sense of high style from the living room, which has is carried out throughout the apartment. The master bedroom is decorated in soothing jungle green color scheme, with floor-to-ceiling “portiere” curtains creating a luxurious separation between the bedroom and its adjacent sitting room with it’s sleeper sofa for additional guests. The custom-designed marble-and-stone detailing in the master bathroom creates its own kind of bright, airy elegance, and pictures of vintage splash of visual interest.
The overall look is bright, crisp and functional, while maintaining a delightful play of contrasting textures. Top-of-the-line home entertainment system brings flat-screen entertainment to each
room, all seamlessly integrated into the decor scheme. Despite the elegance of the setting, special care has been taken to use easy-to maintain fabrics and materials. It all adds up to a statement of casual
comfort, within the context of big-city sophistication.