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230 West 39th Street

October 31st, 2013 JBaron_admin

Location: New York, NY



Bring the vintage ca.1935 lobby of a 16-story New York City garment center office building lobby and facade up-to-date.



A narrow lobby had to accommodate heavy foot traffic, plus garment racks entering and leaving the building on a continual basis. The lobby’s new look had to disguise the limited space involved, present a fresh new image from the Depression era interior and use durable, easy-maintenance materials. The façade needed a face-lift on a tight budget.



The all-steel and marble lobby radiates the energy of midtown Manhattan.Custom-designed silver leaf-and-Lucite overhead chandeliers throw off bright, pleasing light, adding to the illusion of spaciousness. The façade is faced with mirrored blue glass, a motif carried forward in the blue granite lobby. The net effect: the high-fashion essence of New York’s garment industry.

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